Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Burgess Project hits Manchester streets

The hugely ambitious Burgess Project hit Manchester's streets on Thursday, Friday and Saturday this week and was a massive success. With a bonkers mix of churches, text messages, tour buses, crime scenes, furry pianos and sing-alongs, presided over by the Big Brother-like presence of Anthony Burgess, those who had booked on and those intrigued passers-by that joined in the fun in St Ann's and Exchange Squares were unanimous in their praise. Despite the many threats to proceedings including traffic wardens, fines for dropping a cigar, broken heels, teenagers at the Triangle, rain and temperamental tvs, the Burgess Project wove its merry way through the city centre and, thanks to the hard work of all involved, proved an gob-smacking and certainly different highlight of the first Manchester Literature Festival!