Tuesday, October 17, 2006

a shaggy dog tale

If you went down to Matt and Phreds last night, you'd certainly have had a big surprise. Cult classic Ed Barton was on hand to perform a selection of his poems form new book Bad Leg and perform was certainly the word. As well as a series of short films and musical support from Rachel Pratt & The Nature Corner and The Delicate Hammers, Ed donned a series of rather disturbing animal costumes to better renact his tales of dogs and monkeys and Germans. Editor Ra Page bore the brunt of Ed's evil eye and was 'encouraged' to read a poem himself centre stage-bravo.
Across town at Urbis, the Manchester Blog Awards celebrated the best online voices in conjunction with Verberate. Congratulations to overall winner 43 - detailing the trials and tribulations of that long, long journey from Piccadilly to Manchester Airport. Best personal blog went to A Free Man in Preston, best arts and culture was won by Yer Mam and best political was taken by Normblog. Congratulations all round!

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Tim said...

Oh, I see. MLF blog. Not MILF blog. How embarrassing that might have been.